Membership Application

To join, please click on the top circle (Individual), fill in all the information below, and proceed to the payment page.  Pay via credit card on our secure site.  Your credit card bill will reflect a payment through z2 Systems.

If you are joining with support from your corporation or from an Impact100 Metro Detroit or other scholarship, please click the appropriate circle below.  For corporate or scholarship matches, please click the "pay later" button on the payment page.  When we receive your contribution via check (send to P.O. Box 1138, Birmingham, MI  48012), and your corporate or scholarship match amount, we will update your membership accordingly.  Please click HERE to send an email to our membership chairperson and include the amount you will be contributing ($0 - $1,100) and the amount your company or scholarship will be contributing ($1 - $1,100).  Thank you very much.

Shared memberships are available if you have an individual or group of women who want to vote (one vote only) as a group.  Pre-approval is required for shared memberships.  Please email for more information.  Do not click the shared box without prior approval.  Thank you.

If you would like to manage your NeonCRM account (i.e., view donation history, renew membership, etc.), please create a login name and password below. Your password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one number.